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The Federation of Thai Industries Journal

     The Federation of Thai Industries journal is published to spread economic industry news to the FTI members and related organization. Also, the journal is a stage to present the roles and activities of members, which is accepted by both both in the public and private sectors. Furthermore, It releases to the business industry in abroad that has been informed the movement of business and investment as well.

     The Federation of Thai Industries journal is published in every two month. The purpose of the Federation of Thai Industries is to inform news and activities of FTI, including articles and interviews of authorities. It has informed the movement and situation  of  economy that affect to Thai industrial. Therefore, this journal will be valuable to readers.

คอลัมน์ที่น่าสนใจ อาทิ

About Industrial

Offering news relate to the industry in the country. This will be a short news, which has approximately 3-4 articles per one page.

Hot Issue

Offering news that is affecting the economy both in the public and private sectors. It will focus on a hot issue during that period. This will be a short news, which has approximately 3-4 articles per one page. 

Innovation Today

Offering the movement of innovation and new research of industry from the famous research organizations that can be used to operate in the future. Which has approximately 3-4 articles per one page.

Techno Update

The movement of communication and information technology.

Young Executive

Interviews of new generation businessmen about the concepts of operation or attitude view on the economic situation at that time, two person per issue and one person per each page.

Cover Story

Cover story in each issue of clusters is presented the content.

Global Economics

Offering an interesting movement of new directions of global economics by column of expert one article per each page.

Economics Outlook

An analysis of the economic and industry through the perspective of Dr. ธรรมนูญ อานันท์โทไทย, Routing Committee's economy under the Federation of Thai Industries.


The movements in the industry that will focus on the industry related to Cluster Concept presented in that issue.


Interview Interview important people related to the Concept of an issue such as Minister-President of Concept Development Cluster of FTI.

Special Report

Special report section on cluster direction of annual issue or the most unique cluster in the industry group.


Insight the  government policy of getting economic development / industry in different aspects (by trying to focus on the concept of the issue) may be reported in the national policy and analysis or talking on the Take Action of policy presenting to justify the practicality.

Province of The Month

Offering the movement in the provinces developed in terms of interest. The database is available to investors, entrepreneurs in the area, or centrally. The presentation will differ from the previous to the interview of comments president from each province as well.

Smart Entrepreneur

Interview entrepreneurs approach to work, administration of interests to convey ideas and experiences to the reader.

Product Liability & Environment

In an era in which environmental issues become important issues in international trade barriers. This column will offer the guidelines for implementation of the industry of successful and interesting guidelines on the two issues mentioned above.

Brand Building

Modern business said that brand creation was a key factor in entrepreneurship. This column is delivering solutions to build a brand in both theory and case studies of interest, both in Thailand and overseas from columnist experts.


To extend ability in  the industrial competition in both in terms of production and interesting approach to new markets by a columnist experts as presenters.

Economic View

Offering an analysis of economic issues about industry occurred both in Thailand and overseas. Presented by columnist expert who has the knowledge of both the theoretical and case studies.

FTA Focus

A contract signed to open FTA or FTA between the countries, with other countries is that entrepreneurs in all sectors need to follow closely watched. This column will pursue the matter in terms of information.

Successes Case Report

Offering case studies of administration strategies and innovative technologies that should be brought  into entrepreneurship to succeed.

Marketing Strategy

Offering interesting marketing strategies and modern marketing approach can be applied to business(not necessarily a part of the industrial products only). Also, it offers in-depth analysis that can be easily read.

Logistic World

Global business today said that logistics is an issue that entrepreneurs need to give attention. Since it is both a way to enhance profitability and reduce costs in the enterprises. Columnist experts will present the policy direction of the government and an interesting aspect of this issue, including the new technology.

Activities & Event

News, events, activities, conferences both in Thailand and overseas.

Seminar &Training

Training, seminars, training courses of various departments.


Examples of relevant legal judgment with the operation of the labor laws and so on.

New Product

New products both in the industry and others including the customer's advertising products.


FTI social news has more a social news in the region and enhance the image of our society who advertise in the magazines which is a clear distinction between the social news of the FTI social news.

SPEC: FTI Journal

  Magazine Agenda

2 month


ปก อาร์ต 260 กรัม/ตรม.
เนื้อใน นิวเอท 105 กรัม/ตรม. 64 หน้า
ปอนด์ 100 กรัม/ตรม. 56 หน้า

124 pages (cover included)
Offset 4 colors and 2 colors printing
42,000 books
Penbun distribution to SE-ED, B2S and etc. including, year annual member.

Advertising rates of FTI Journal (INDUSTRY FOCUS)

     FTI Journal are delivered to all members of the FTI as well as the government agencies,  and private sector across the country. Including educational institutions, all kind of media All Province Industrial Ministry of Industry Ministry of Commerce Thailand and commercial offices abroad. Moreover, the members and the non-member can publish their images and services by placing advertisements in the FTI Journal. Advertising rates are as follows:


Regular rates for each times
Inside front cover
Page 3, 5, 7
Inside back cover
Back cover
Full page with 4 colors
Half page with 4 colors

Paper attachment (not over 210 grams)


  Contact for additional information: คุณพาสนา พลอยมีค่า 081-256-6603, 086-311-1516,  คุณกมลพร ภูวอง The customer relationship under the FTI phone 0-2345-1011 to 20.

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Member Registration

      For the person who interested in FTI journal can register as a annual member which cost 360 Baht (shipping included). Also, the journals are available at the FTI office and distributor which cost 70 Baht. For additional information at 0 2345 1016 



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