BOI Benefits and Privilege

Bill of Material Consideration to Require the Privilege from BOI Section 36

With the intention to realize the trade globalization and Freely competitive business have role continuity. Business processes that are fast, accurate and clear (Just - In - Time) is an important factors to make a trade advantage.

The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is commissioned by The Board of Investment (BOI) to provide “Consideration of  Bill of Materials” service. Which entrepreneurs can require the privilege from BOI Section 36, starting pilot production of plastic products.

Consideration of Bill of Materials service of the Federation of Thai Industries under a commitment to provide fast, accurate and ethics service. These will make fast and reduce the length of time. Furthermore, BOI is helpful in reducing the cost of paperwork.

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Announcement of Office of the Board of investment at Por 8/2547 (2004) on giving an assignment to the FTI inspect and certify Bill of Materials
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Service fee
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