Certificate of Origin


     The issuance of Certificates of Origin and other document certification is a service of F.T.I. for privileged members under the concept of SPEEDY, CONVENIENT, AND RELIABLE SERVICE WITHIN 15 MINUTES, with the aim to increase exporters' efficiency and to pormote Thai industry in worldwide.
     With in an international trade context, Certificate of Origin (C/O) serves as a signficant legal regulated document for the certification of the origin of goods in international transactions.
     In case the agreement in the letter of credit (L/C) transaction specifies that a C/O is required,entrepreneurs have to request for a C/O from the authoritative source which is permitted by the Ministry of Commerce. F.T.I. has been entrusted to be an acceptable and reliable issuer of C/O for proper validation of the origin of the goods.

The following documents are required
     - Copy of invoice
     - Copy of packing list
     - Copy of Bill of Lading (B/L) or Airway Bill or the other transportation document
     - Copy of Export Entry

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