Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics for The Federation of Thai Industries

     For overall benefits of the nation, the F.T.I. deemed it appropriate to put into effect, "The Code of Ethics of F.T.I." which is applicable to:
---> All members of the F.T.I. Board of Directors
---> The members of F.T.I., and
---> Members of the whole industry community in Thailand
This code has been made in line with F.T.I.'s objectives and also with the industrial development of the country. It addresses to the following 4 main commitments:
1. Upholding the philosophy and objectives of F.T.I.
1.1 The F.T.I. as a body will be committed to fulfill the objectives as set forth in the F.T.I. Act of 1987

1.2 It shall fulfill its tasks and see to it that both members of its Board of Directors and all manufacturers in the Kingdom carry out their obligation and commitments consistently and continuously in accordance with its publicly announced code of ethics. This is with the view to cultivating faith and confidence among the public on its virtuous deeds and quality of its work.

2. Consolidating and Strengthening of Manufacturers
2.1 For the benefit of bringing overall progress and sustainable growth to the Thai manufacturing sector, F.T.I. shall promote and develop capabilities of manufacturers, industry clubs and provincial chapters of F.T.I. all of which are the focal point of industries in each particular locality.

2.2 F.T.I. shall promote and support manufacturers, industry clubs and provincial chapters. It also encourages the exchanges of data and information, strengthen the unity and promote good understanding among them, which can provide creativeness and form a strong foundation of Thai industry

2.3 As an agent responsible for growth and expansion of Thailand, F.T.I. shall promote and facilitate the transfer of modern and appropriate technology in all industrial sectors and in all geographical areas of the country. They should be aware of the best optimum use of natural resources bearing in mind of the steps towards becoming the center of excellence of the region and the healthy balance of sustainable balance of nature and ecological standard.

2.4 F.T.I. shall submit recommendation and suggestion for the review, amendments for the amendment of policies, laws, rules and regulations and procedures.

2.5 F.T.I. shall take initiative in voicing its views and recommendations for amendments and revision of the policies, laws, rules and regulations and procedural matters which influence the overall development of industries in line with prevailing conditions and practicability.

3. Promoting the implementation of the mission of the Board of Directors and that of the manufacturers within the framework of the prescribed Code of Ethics
3.1 F.T.I. shall encourage and promote ways and means for the fulfillment of the mission of the F.T.I. Board of Directors and manufacturers with a view to seeing to it that they operate with righteousness and social responsibility and in accordance with orderly rules, regulations, laws and also with both the code of ethics of the F.T.I. Board of Directors and that of manufacturers.

3.2 F.T.I. shall see to it that manufacturers refrain from illegal practices, demoralizing acts and that which is against the peace and order of the public.

4. Observing the neutrality in politics and playing the leading role in the Thai economy as a center for all manufacturers in the Kingdom through its not-for-profit principle
4.1 F.T.I. shall be strictly neutral in politics. Its main task is to maintain a unity in its work with F.T.I. Board of Directors and manufacturers throughout the Kingdom on a sound principle as well as with full awareness of the public benefits and interest.

4.2 With its clear intention on the mission, F.T.I. shall perform its task as an economic body which maintains linkages between the government sector and manufacturers in the private sector both domestically and on the international level. Its work on industrial development will focus on equality and fairness among manufacturers, the labor force and the consumers.

4.3 F.T.I. shall do its best to service its members and other manufacturers bearing in mind of the standard, morality and code of ethics which centers on not-for-profit principle and the fulfillment of its prescribed objectives

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