The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) has founded a number of institutes to cope with  industrial expansion of which its members are eligible to grant benefits from the institutes and  offices within FTI networks where they belong to. Provided services are as follows;

  • The institute was established to administer the implementation of GS1 barcode system and electronic data exchange (EDI) in compliance with EAN-UCC standard
  • The institute focuses at campaigning industrial sector the awareness in environmental issues and prioritizing the management in the issues of environment, industry, occupational health and factory safety
  • The institute aims at providing services to FTI members and supports public policies to accomplish in energy conservation
  • This institute is tasked to promote capacity building of personnel emphasizing on industrial competitiveness at international level including merging academic sector and industrial sector as one tie
  • The institute’s function is to coordinate and facilitate activities in relation to research and development between government sectors and industrial sectors
  • The institute’s function is to coordinate and integrate cooperation in problem solving of packaging wastes
  • The mandate of the institute is to set up strategic planning andtacticsincluding sustainable development of information technology at national level through the support of industrial software groups
  • In response to the governments policy on the promotion of small and medium industries, placing the emphasis on the drive for enterprises (OPSME) has laid down six strategies to fulfill the task The Federation of Thai Industries which represents the industries throughout Thailand at the national level still lacks the main body to formulate strategies and plans for the national promotion of the sma...
  • The institute’s function is to promote, support, study and providing knowledge of the use of ground water and surface water in industrial sectors in efficient ways with full utilities and fairness
  • RFID Institute of Thailand was established on 24 July 2007 by the cooperation of 5 organizations: SIPA, TRIDI, NECTEC, GS1 Thailand and TESA The institute major roles are as follow: 1 To provide services for the application of RFID Testbed to Thai entrepreneurs including user, equipment and parts developer and distributor 2 To support research activity for improvement of product and service that...
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