ISO 9000



ISO 9001:2008

   Federation of Thai Industries certified quality management system. According to the standard of TIS/ISO 9001 : 2008 of Institute of management system certification (MASCI)



“The center of Thai industries, Strive to provide service with ethics and quality of personnel.”

To achieve the policy, the Federation of Thai Industries will proceed as follows: 

1. All employees are consciousness and participate in quality system. By following the standard ISO 9001: 2008
2. Provide an accurate and updated database.
3. Provide quality service to meet customer's needs correctly, fast, reliable and acceptable both domestic and aboard.
4. The qualifying system of staff and expert in appropriately operation
5. Enhance an employee training and quality system continuously
6. Encourage the experts in knowledge and ability.


Scope of Certification

1. The design, development and services related to conferences and seminars.
2. Service on:
-Industrial policy announcement.
-Reports and information on the industry.
-Issuance of certificate of membership.
-Qualifying industry-specific experts on policy activities.
-Complaints and comments on the industry.


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